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    Good, simple and of high quality

    Quality over quantity, on a manageable scale. Given the dimensions of the estate we are able to pursue our farming philosophy adopting traditional vine training systems and sustainable vineyard and winery practices.


    The surrounding nature was our inspiration for this range of wines: the beauty of unspoilt wooded landscapes and the animal life that inhabits the area.



    A range of rich and interestingly layered wines that are well appreciated for their complexity. These are wines that enhance the right food pairing, delivering freshness and elegance as well as nice fullness or a sweet impression of fruitiness.


    Our story

    Begins here...

    Everything began here on the steep hill slopes where the vines are perfectly at home. Ours has been both a challenge and an opportunity to best translate this complex territory into our wines.

    Over the years, the plots of land released from the wilderness have become a very suitable home to several native and international grape varieties. Variety is wealth to be respected and enhanced.