Before there were vineyards and winegrowers, it was earth and soil.

The hills feature layers of sandstone from deep-sea sedimentation. At the beginning, before petrification, the area was a sandy beach.

The strata that lie in a conforming parallel manner, similar to the leaves of a book, tell a story of millions of years.

Oaks, chestnuts, hornbeams, birches, and the downy oaks make up the woods and protect the small clearings if the valley hemmed by hills.

Two ancient castles dominate the landscape, and immersed in the peace and quiet of the surroundings they have witnessed the Giavitto estate and winery become established.

It all began with a give-and-take relationship with the woodland. Today we manage twelve vineyards that take up twenty hectares in four villages of the Colli Orientali del Friuli area.

The winery and cellar are built right into the hillside in close contact with the stone and the woods.

Most of the winemaking operation and cellar run underground so as to blend into the surrounding environment.

A natural home where the wines are protected and aged within stone walls.