Range Orme


Description of the variety

Vineyard: Bellazoia

Variety: 100% Friulano, native white berry grape variety


Vine training system: double-arched cane, grassed vineyard managed with low environmental impact integrated pest control


Fermentation: is carried out in stainless steel tanks under a controlled temperature

Ageing: in stainless steel tanks on fine lees, with regular bâtonnage until late spring

Sensory notes

Colour: straw yellow

Nose: recalls wild flowers and the scent of almond, intense mineral notes and hints of flint

Palate: fruity, velvety with moderate acidity. The aftertaste offers minerals and bitter almonds.

Food pairing: it matches a variety of different dishes, from lean appetizers to soups and risottos, and any main course dish.

Serving temperature: 8 °C as an aperitif, 11°C served during a meal

We suggest serving the wine in a glass with an ample bowl and a wide-mouth

Alcohol content: 13% vol.

Ageing potential: 4/6 years

The wild, lush vegetation bordering the vineyards protects the grapes from severe weather, the woods being by nature excellent custodians.

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