Range Orme


Description of the variety

Vineyard: La Melaria

Production area: Friuli Colli Orientali

Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc, white berry grape variety


Vine training system: Guyot, non-irrigated grassed vineyard


Pressing: cold maceration, soft pressing, and static settling of the must at a low temperature.

Fermentation: is carried out in stainless steel tanks under a controlled temperature

Ageing: on fine lees until late spring

Sensory notes

Colour: straw yellow with greenish tinges

Nose: pronounced and vibrant it offers an array of aromas from fruity to vegetal with notes of white pulp fruit, sage, tomato leaf, bell pepper, and a constant citrus note of yellow grapefruit

Palate: dry that turns to soft, velvety, caressing with long finishing

Food pairing: crustaceans, seafood, and frittatas with herbs, and still, risottos and asparagus based dishes. It is ideal served as an aperitif

Serving temperature: 10-12 °C. We suggest serving the wine in a tulip-shaped glass with an ample bowl and slightly tapered mouth

Alcohol content: 13.50% vol.

Ageing potential: defined by its crispness this wine develops interestingly up to 4 years

The wild, lush vegetation bordering the vineyards protects the grapes from severe weather, the woods being by nature excellent custodians.

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